• Materials made from waste materials

    We use recycled silver with a purity of 99.9% and scraps that would otherwise be considered unnecessary in workshops and factories.

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  • A package to protect the forest

    FSC certification indicates that paper is produced appropriately while protecting forest biodiversity and workers' rights. We use products that have obtained this certification for our packaging. It is durable and can be used to store items.

  • Unbreakable design that lasts a lifetime

    We believe that the essence of sustainability is "using things for a long time." From the design stage, RINMO items eliminate as many fragile parts as possible, making them sturdy accessories that stand out from other products.

  • Manufacturing without sacrificing anyone

    Working conditions at silver mining sites are extremely poor, and child labor is also a problem. On the other hand, the working environment in the production process of the recycled silver we use has also become clear. We are committed to transparency in every step of our products, from the origin of the materials to the production process to the sale.