About Us

RINMO(リンモ)は廃材で「一生モノで一点モノ」の宝を生み出す、日本発のジュエリーブランドです。素材を”リン”ネの輪に”も”どす という意味を込めて名づけました。



Studied product design at Istituto Europeo di Design Milano in Italy. After graduating, I worked at a product design office in Milan for about two years.

Became independent as SAND DESIGN in 2021. While living overseas for five years, he experienced many social issues including environmental issues, animal welfare, and refugee issues.

Currently, he is focusing on supporting brands and businesses that are working to solve social issues through design. His motto is to design social mechanisms and experiences without being bound by the framework of design.


About the material

Recycled Silver

recycled silver

Recycled silver is a material that is recovered and purified from discarded home appliances and X-ray images, and is characterized by its low environmental impact.

In addition, working conditions and child labor are major problems in mines where precious metals are mined, and recycled silver is a material that does not have to rely on these issues.

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Purity 99.9%

Purity 99.9%

The recycled silver we use is pure silver with a silver content of 99.9%.

Common silver materials such as silver 925 contain copper, nickel, palladium, etc., which often cause metal allergic reactions.

On the other hand, with pure silver, allergic reactions are much less likely to occur.

Pure silver is difficult to process due to its softness, making it an unsuitable material for mass production. Only by forging by highly skilled craftsmen can the strength and beautiful finish be achieved. We create everything from sterling silver forging to molding using craftsmanship.

Upcycled material

End material

By processing materials that would normally be discarded during the production process in factories and workshops, and bringing out the beauty of the materials, we sublimate them into new accessory materials.